Thomas Newman to score Finding Dory


After Andrew Stanton’s major Twitter silence, he returned with trumpets, fanfare, and the news of Finding Dory. Everyone in the twittersphere was very glad to see him back, as he is one of the few directors at Pixar who has a very strong Twitter following and presence.

This morning, Stanton brought back his tradition of having question and answer sessions with his Twitter followers, along the way revealing that Thomas Newman will return to score Finding Dory.


Newman is one of four composers who has worked for the Emeryville studio, the others being his cousin Randy Newman, Patrick Doyle, and Michael Giacchino. He previously composed the music for Wall•E and Finding Nemo (both directed by Andrew Stanton) and is set to score The Good Dinosaur.

Newman is the natural choice since he already has the beautiful Finding Nemo score under his belt. And with his impressive track record both at Pixar and other studios, he is sure to add that extra layer of wonder and emotion to Finding Dory in 2015.