Finding Nemo, Partysaurus Rex, and Pixar News site updates

Hey there folks! It’s been quite some time since my last post on the official Pixar News blog, but I hope you have been keeping up with us at our new Tumblr as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

In this post I am going to look at Finding Nemo’s 3D re-release as well as Partysaurus Rex, Monsters Inc, and talk about Pixar News’ new direction.

First up Finding Nemo: Seeing any film on the big screen is always significantly more immersive than on a television set at home, however Nemo in 3D blew me away. 3D hasn’t had the greatest track record with the general public (myself included) however the folks at Pixar did not disappoint. They successfully managed to make me forget I was even wearing the 3D glasses, which is something few 3D films can say.

I recently saw Dr. No in theaters as a part of AMC’s 50th Bond Anniversary and I walked out much the same way as I had before. With Nemo I noticed so many nuances that I had glossed over before such as the Animal House reference at Mt. Wanahakaloogie in the naming of Shark Bait. More than that there was an extreme connection for me with the characters. Marlin’s emotion after the encounter with the divers, Dory’s feelings about being with Marlin, and especially Nemo’s scene with Marlin at the end of the film; all of these feelings flowed right off the screen and into the audience, immediately immersing the viewer. This moment, I like to call it the Pixar moment, is in all of their films, however some films put this moment across better than others, the most poignant being the endings of Toy Story 3, Wall•E, Up, and Finding Nemo.

While I do not agree that the latest string of Pixar films by any means represents Pixar’s downfall as many have said, characters in Brave and Cars 2 do not hold up to the intricacy of characters in Finding Nemo, Wall•E, or Up. With such original films in the future like The Good Dinosaur and the untitled mind film, Pixar will definitely add exciting new characters to their arsenal, and I am sure that they will not disappoint.


Moving on to Partysaurus Rex: I stayed away from spoilers and this one, and boy were there some big ones. So I walked into the theater not really sure of what was going to play out. I was floored, the not stop humor kept the short moving and grooving and it was awesome to see the whole Toy Story gang again. Rex doesn’t get too much screen time in the Pixar trilogy, however it was awesome to see Rex in a short of his own and it left me wanting more!


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