‘Pixar in Concert’ Coming to Richmond, Boston, San Rafael, Pittsburgh, Irvine, San Diego, Cleveland, Utah, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Cincinnati, Virginia, New York, and Texas

3/31 Update: With more and more symphonies picking up Pixar in Concert, I’ll be trying to keep this post updated with all of the performances, but with the summer season coming up, be sure to look at the schedule for your local symphony.

Puerto Rico Philharmonic: 4/5/13 – 4/7/13*
Richmond Symphony: 5/18/13 – 5/19/13
Boston Symphony Orchestra (Symphony Hall): 6/4/13 – 6/5/13
Marin Symphony (San Rafael, CA): 6/9/13
The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra: 6/21/13 – 6/22/13
Houston Symphony: 7/19/13 – 7/20/13*

Pacific Symphony (Irvine, CA): 8/17/13

San Diego Symphony: 8/18/13

The Cleveland Orchestra: 8/31/13 – 9/1/13

Indianapolis Symphony: 10/27/13 – 10/27/13*

St. Louis Symphony: 10/28/13 – 10/28/13*

Utah Symphony: 1/3/14 – 1/4/14

Jacksonville Symphony (Florida): 1/18/2014 – 1/18/2014*

Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony (Canada): 2/26/14

Erie Philharmonic Orchestra (Pennsylvania): 3/22/14

Cincinnati Pops Orchestra: 4/4/14 – 4/6/14

Virginia Symphony: 4/11/2014 – 4/12/2014

New York Philharmonic (Avery Fisher Hall): 5/1/2014 – 5/3/2014

Fort Worth Symphony (Texas): 5/16/2014 – 5/18/2014

*Pixar has posted these performances, however the respective symphonies have not

Original Post: Pixar in Concert premiered in San Francisco on July 28th at the Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall garnering a great response. I personally had the chance to see the concert at the Hollywood Bowl  less than a month later on August 4th. The concert features a live orchestra playing selections from all 13 Pixar films alongside clips projected above the stage.

Pixar in Concert Poster

Pixar in Concert Poster

Following the great success of the 2012 season of Pixar In Concert, The Boston Pops and the Richmond Symphony will bring the concert to life again in 2013 at Symphony Hall in Boston, MA starting June 4th and the Carpenter Theater in Richmond, VA starting May 18th.

1/29 Update: Pixar in Concert will also be heading to the Avery Fisher Hall in New York starting on May 1st of 2014.

From the French feel that Michael Giacchino brought to Ratatouille to the brilliant Jazz sound that Randy Newman brought to Monsters, Inc. the concert brings to life the amazing intricacy of Pixar soundtracks. If you have the opportunity to see either concert I highly recommend it, as it is an experience you’ll not soon forget.

If your local symphony is putting on the concert and we haven’t listed it above, be sure to drop us a line so we can add it to the list.