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Out of the Office: Pixar News is on vacation until June 15th

Pixar News is headed to Italy! Well not the blog…just me. I am headed across the Atlantic to study abroad for a month in Venice. With internet access being very limited and a 9-5 class schedule, I have decided to take a month away from Pixar News.


This comes at a bit of an inconvenient time as I will be gone in the month leading up to Monsters University, however I leave you in the capable hands of the bloggers in both the Pixar and animation worlds, and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Pixar News’ review of Monsters University.

If you would like to follow me on my adventures in Venice, feel free to follow my personal Twitter account and/or my vacation Tumblr.

Pixar News in 2013

After a few days of tweaking, coding, and…well…thinking, I have finished the Pixar News redesign. I have gone through a couple iterations of the site before, however I have stayed in the same general ballpark in terms of design. This latest version is designed to fix two major issues: readability and ease of posting.

By putting the posts on the main page and eliminating the less essential features, it will be much easier and faster than ever to get all of the latest news straight from the home page without navigating through menu after menu. In addition, you can now get all of the latest Pixar News delivered right to your Inbox alongside Facebook and Twitter.

Between formatting, dealing with code, and countless other unnecessary difficulties, I often found myself discouraged to post new content unless it was huge news. With this new update it is easier for me to get an article out which means a larger quantity of posts with more quality.

With all of the amazing blogs and podcasts dedicated to Pixar and Animation in general, I thought that there should be an easy way to get all of the brilliant content out there. My solution to this comes in the form of a monthly digital interactive magazine entitled The Pixar Collective. The magazine will feature video, photos, and summaries of the latest from around the Pixar blogosphere.

I am looking forward to a year of Monsters, Rain, and of course, more Pixar News. Until next time…