D23 Expo: Women in Pixar Panel

Sorry for the delay folks. As many of you know I love blogging and interacting with other Pixar fans, however Pixar News does take a back seat to my personal life which has changed dramatically in the past few weeks. But enough about me, lets get to Women in Pixar! Though the 2013 D23 Expo seems like a distant memory, some the content presented at several of the panels won’t be hitting the silver screen for quite some time. Women in Pixar was not such a panel, instead of focusing on showing exclusive content, this panel discussed the growing presence of women in the field of animation, and how women in the future can improve their chances of breaking into the male dominated field. Watch the entire panel below (the couple gaps are due to crowd noise):

Monsters University Available on Blu-ray Combo Pack 10/29

With Monsters University slowly moving out of theaters, you can bring home Pixar’s 2013 feature film on Blu-ray Combo Pack on October 29th in the US and November 25th in the UK. Can’t wait that long? You’re in luck, MU will be available for High-Definition Digital Download on October 8th in both 2D and 3D. Head past the break to read about the bonus features that are to be included.

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D23 Expo: ‘Finding Dory’ Story and Cast Updates

Finding Nemo is certainly one of Pixar’s most beautiful films and today served as a reminder of how truly beautiful that world is. Concept art from Finding Dory was shown in addition to discussion from Andrew Stanton and Produer Lindsey Collins regarding the sequel nature of the film and the story line. Read more after the break!

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D23 Expo: ‘Inside Out’ Steals the Show at D23

Similar to The Good Dinosaur, we knew very little about Pixar’s spring 2015 feature last D23 Expo, heck we didn’t even have a name. Since 2011 the film received a title, but today, audiences in the D23 Expo Arena were treated to a delightful amount of beautiful and truly creative content from Inside Out. Head past the break to get up to date on what is quickly shaping up to be the best Pixar film in recent history.


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D23 Expo: ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Details Emerge

A lot has changed in two years. While Brave took the front seat at the 2011 D23 Expo, The Good Dinosaur patiently waited, releasing only a few tidbits here and there including a title card and a simplified plot synopsis. I am happy to say that the 2013 D23 Expo Arena stage gave The Good Dinosaur a proper spotlight, showing new concept art, character animation, and much much more. There’s lots to talk about, so head past the break to learn about Pixar’s 2014 feature film.


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2013 D23 Expo: Pixar News Expo Hub

Pixar News D23

The 2013 D23 Expo is fast approaching and Disney Fans far and wide are getting their schedules in order. This years expo is full to the brim with screenings, panels, new merchandise, and much more; including, of course, several Pixar events. For now, you can head past the break to learn about the various Pixar related events that are schedules to take place, but be sure to check back on D23 weekend, as this page will be updated throughout the expo with articles on each and (hopefully) every Pixar event as they occur.

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The Sound of Monsters University

The folks over at SoundWorks Collection recently caught up with Tom Meyers discussing the work that went into the sound design of Monsters University. Their comprehensive sound profile looks at everything from the source audio to the surround sound panning in Pixar’s latest film.

If you haven’t heard of SoundWorks collection before, head to our summary of all of their sound profiles of past Pixar films.

Monsters University in theaters across the US on June 21st. Be sure to read Pixar News’ review of Monsters University & The Blue Umbrella and order the MU soundtrack & ‘Art Of’ book.

News Roundup 6/25: MU Opening Weekend, Soundtrack Revelations, and More

Pixar News is returning to the weekly roundup format for the summer, breaking down the Pixar happenings of the past week all in one blog post.

Pixar rolled out the blue carpet for the Monsters University premier this past Monday at the El Capitan theater up in Hollywood, the following weekend brought Pixar’s second biggest opening weekend to date, and meanwhile the Monsters University soundtrack shocked many listeners when a key song was nowhere to be found.

This and a whole lot more in this week’s Pixar News Roundup.

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The World Premiere of MU and The Blue Umbrella

The El Capitan Theater hosted the world premiere of Monsters University and The Blue Umbrella last Monday, with Hollywood Boulevard playing host to the blue carpet capped with the MU archway.

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Q&A with Dan Scanlon and Kori Rae on MU

Last Saturday, I had the chance to catch Monsters University a second time, but this time, it was to be followed by a Q&A session with Director Dan Scanlon and Producer Kori Rae. After the credits rolled, ASIFA Hollywood Vice President Jerry Beck came on stage to moderate the interview, however I feel that Scanlon and Rae handled Beck’s weak questions and lack of preparedness rather well resulting in a interesting interview.


Beck fumbled a few times, calling MU is sequel and saying that Scanlon is from Ohio (he is from Michigan), but he finally got around to asking Scanlon about how his roots in 2D animation translated into 3D: “In a lot of ways when I started [MU], I didn’t understand how 3D animation worked, but luckily, I have a great producer who got a great team around me. My job is really to give them context of what emotions  Continue reading

Review: The Blue Umbrella will blow you away

The Blue Umbrella is Pixar’s most unique and intriguing short to date. From the touching story to the fascinating way in which it was told, you will find yourself laughing and smiling only to be on the verge of tears moments later.

The Blue Umbrella Still

The photorealistic style of the short is what sets it apart from animated shorts and features from the past. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of 3D animation, Director Saschka Unseld and The Blue Umbrella crew gave the audience the capacity to believe the action on the screen at a level not seen before in animated film. As Maryellen Atkins said in her guest review at Pixar Post, “The Blue Umbrella feels like 3D animation all grown up.” Continue reading