Watch: Cars Toons – Tales from Radiator Springs

Realizing the great potential of short films early on, Pixar has put out 11 shorts on the big screen and another 11 accompanying dvd releases. With the help of Pixar Canada and an ever growing staff in Emeryville, we have seen 3 Toy Story Toons (all of which premiered in cinemas) and a whopping 11 Cars Toons. Following the success of their Mater based shorts, the new series ‘Tales from Radiator Springs’ focus on other characters in the town that started it all.

Make no mistake, they were initially called shorty shorts for a reason, the longest of the three comes in at under 90 seconds. All three were directed by Jeremy Lasky who has been at Pixar since A Bug’s Life working as a layout artist. His other credits include director of photography (his current position) on Finding Nemo, Wall•E, and Toy Story 3. He also served as cinematographer on Cars. You can find him on Twitter @jfangsky.

The three shorts focus on McQueen, Red, and Guido, be sure to check them out below!

Hiccups: When Lightning McQueen gets the hiccups, everyone in Radiator Springs thinks they have the cure.

Bugged: Red’s peaceful morning routine is interrupted by a pesky visitor.



Spinning: Guido discovers he has a hidden talent as a street corner sign spinner.


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